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Team Members


Design Associates:

Jackie Godinho-Frias:

Asha Mukesh:

David Warsh:

Erin Ages:

Trade Specialist:

Rada Macura:

Shavan Jirjis:

Erick Zapata:

Raiz Ahmed:

Chris and Jack:

Simon Bogdan:

Jake Meal - P.ENG:

DHC Members:

Masie Gillingham:

Stephanie Foschia:

Carol Muise:

Wayne Simmons:

Bailey Miron:

Karen Aherne:

Vincent Muise:

Scott Miron:



Kitchen Designer Specialist

Bathroom Finishes Designer

Window Treatment Specialist

Stone/Tile finishes


Painting Specialist

Custom Cabinetry

Utility and Drywall finishing

Electrical (Master)

Plumbing specialist

Flooring and Stairs specialist

General Contractor


Finance Manager

Junior Buyer



Interior Design Manager

Design Associate

Design Associate

General Manager/Project management


DHC's Top Designer and Co-owner Bailey Miron with Steven and Chris and DHC's furnishings supplier Jessica Han.



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