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Interior Design


Dream Home Creations Interior Design Services cover all aspects of a Residential Design. In the comfort of your own home we work with you on all the design aspects of your project and then if you wish, represent your expectations moving forward through the many pitfalls in the Reno industry. As an option, clients can choose to buy our Products and Services. This inherently assures our clients a higher level of comfort through the Reno process because now having everything under one Company roof, the project is much easier to Manage. In addition, if you have any questions, concerns or scheduling changes, you only have to make one phone call.

This is also true when it comes to Design issues. As an Interior Design Firm we observe all aspects of a homes design and decor. When we make or examine a Kitchen Design for example, were looking to make sure that the design is going to integrate properly into the space. We want to ensure that the design details, the design style and materials used, flows coherently with the adjacent rooms and the rest of the home. Kitchen designing is more than just designing Kitchens!

At Dream Home Creations our goal is to make your project an enjoyable experience and to far exceed your expectations.


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It is important to note, that after the design process, DHC can also provide all of the Trade Services (if applicable) to complete the Construction Phase. In other words, DHC can provide the entire Interior Design Solution. Dream Home Creations is affiliated with some of the best people and suppliers in the business ensuring quality designs, quality furnishings, timelines and superior workmanship.


Below is our Process


1 - FREE Consultation

2 - Layouts and Visuals

3 - Complete Design Presentations

4 - Project implementation


Layout and Visuals


To begin the Design process, a complete layout design plan is required. In some cases a client may only want an understanding of design concepts through the consultation and then perhaps a basic layout with 3D visuals to give them an idea on how the space will look after implementation. Design layouts can be all encompassing and are priced accordingly.


Example of the Proposed Final Design Layout



The following is a comparison to the actual picture taken of the room to the proposed design as shown in the 3D visuals from the above final design layout



As is
Proposed Design Concept
In the new design concept, the elevated floor is squared off and cut back approximately 4ft. The elevated top section flooring is converted to tile. The right wall is removed and set back 2.5 ft. to allow for the Wet Bar cabinets.


Bulkhead and California lighting removed to allow for a 8ft. ceiling height and converted to pot lights. This new wall now incorporates the Refrigerator and built in Microwave feature with plently of storage.


The new gas range has been relocated to this wall. The wall length has been increased by another 2ft. moving the right door archway to the center of the existing dining room and increased in width to open up the space between the two rooms.


As can been seen the full length bulkhead has been removed opening up the space making the new range wall and island possible.


As can be seen the left wall on the lower level is removed and set back 2.5ft. to allow for the new Wet Bar cabinets. The new island incorporates wine storage, pull out trash and re-cycle center, panelled dishwasher and two separate seating areas.


The far left closet which houses the stacked laundry applicances is smartly replaced by a custom built in unit providing the same function.


If you wish to see how this project turned out, please visit the - Featured Kitchen



Complete Design Presentations:

Design Presentation Reports takes the project to the next level by introducing the exact items and materials that will be needed to complete the project. As you can image, these reports are quite detailed showing the furniture models, accessories, fabrics, lighting, window treatments, paint selections etc. Complete Design Presentations vary in price depending on the scope of the project.

Project Implementation:

DHC would be more than happy to provide you with the complete project implementation solution. Shopping around for trade services and reputable suppliers can be full of uncertainty, so let us take away your worries. You will find our rates competitive, our workmanship superior and our customer service the best in the business.


Client Testimonial

DHC's client Geoff Morris, who recently had his basement designed and constructed by DHC says, "it was an incredible experience, seeing the design come to life on the computer and the finished product was exactly what was proposed, far exceeding our expectations. Another plus was the entire project was handled by DHC, we just sat back in amazement! All our furnishings as well were selected in the comfort of our own home and we paid no more than if we would have gone out and purchased them ourselves".



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