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Basements - Where and What's the plan?

"Finishing a basement not only adds value to your home, but it also gives you a whole new floor to live in" says Bailey Miron, DHC's top Designer and Co-owner. "Were finding that a lot more people these days are making this decision rather than uprooting the family to move and upgrade to a larger home.

I would suggest to the homeowner, not to hire a contractor directly, but rather hire a design firm like DHC. The advantage is that the entire project will now be under one roof; design, project managing, the construction phase, finishing and furnishings if applicable".

At Dream Home Creations we take away your worries. We work with you on the design details, provide a detailed quote listing off our responsibilities, the materials to be used and than provide you with the complete building construction solution.

Our advantage is that were intimate with the design details, the finishing, we know how the finished space is supposed to look, measure and function. This allows us to make sure everything gets picked up and inherently there's continuity in the process because nothing gets handed off to someone else.

Working back from the finishes/furnishings: window treatments, Lighting, phone jacks, cable, radio/TV/Computer/Sound systems, plumbing, electrics, venting, floor materials integration, paint/materials, mouldings, materials/transitions matching with neighbouring rooms, etc, etc., means were going to get it right because we know exactly what's going into the space, how it's supposed to look and function.


Please continue to read the Design process below.

Please go to these links to view this completed basement project > -- Basement Feature Page or view the Video Option


The following is an example of the design process. Below is the original basement foundation layout:


When we work with clients it is important to pay attention to what their needs are. This not only applies to the final layout configuration but also to the finishing materials and the furnishings that will inevitable occupy the rooms.

In this particular case, our clients were looking for a more contemporary look. In terms of room layout configuration, we needed to address the following:

-Family room/Theater, with plenty of seating. Large TV with built in Surround sound.

-Wet Bar area.

-Pool Table.

-Gym room.

-Storage room, also to hold Audio/TV equipment and hold large refrigerators.

-Wine room for sampling and storage.

-Bathroom with Custom Shower.

-Open up main floor basement entrance and introduce new spiral staircase.


Below is the final Design Layout


As you can see all aspects of the client's design critera of been met:


Below are the before and after visuals from this Layout:


3D Visuals Unfinished Basement

Unfinished area as measured and documented
Proposed design view with new spiral staircase


This area will become the new Theater room
Design concept of new Theater room


Theater room opposite view


This will become the new pool table area, Wet Bar to the far right
Design concept of Pool table area


Proposed new Wet Bar location
Design concept of new Wet Bar area



Looking down towards the new Wine room from the planned Pool Table area
Design Concept view


New wine room location
Design concept of new wine room entrance and Gym room on left
Inside wine room
This area will become the new Gym room
Design concept inside Gym room, with wall mounted mirrors
Proposed location for new bath room
Design concept inside bathroom



Once everyone agrees on the final design layout, the plans are updated and the client gets a detailed copy of the layouts and visuals. Upon request, further design criteria can also be included in this report, in terms of colour choices, finishing materials and furnishings.

At your request, DHC would now provide a detailed comprehensive quote for the construction phase and all other finishes and furnishings if applicable.

In some cases the trade services are hired directly by the client, in which case we are brought in to work with you and your contractors, to help see the Project through on your behalf.

Also in some cases we are brought in to help provide some of the finishing details and materials/services to complete the project after the main construction phase: kitchens, flooring, painting, lighting, features, furnishings etc.


Please give us a call today to help you with your Basement Project!!!


Please visit the -- Basement Feature Page or view the Video Option!




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