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Featured Reno


A Special Thanks to our clients Doug and Deborah for making this possible!


Before Layout

New Layout: Walls removed for open concept. Kitchen, living room, dining room, and powder room relocated.


To begin a couple of areas had sunken floors which we needed to rectify, this also improved the head room in the basement immensely.

New raised floor ready for subfloors.


Steel beams installed
In this configuration these steel beams allowed us to remove 4 walls, 4 smaller LVL's were also installed to complete the project.


Double beam welded top and bottom


Begining the finishing process, the main floor has been completely opened up!



Old Staircase and wall.

New Staircases upper and lower, open concept with cut out to basement






Looking into the old office space


New office area




Before view: from the office into the kitchen
This is the view now with the walls removed and the kitchen was relocated to the back of the house, a new living room space occupies the old kitchen area.







Before kitchen. Orginally located on the side of the house.
16 1/2 ft. Island! The island houses the Sinks, Dishwasher, Steam Oven, Microwave and Trash/Recycle Center.












Coffee Station


View from the step-down dining room originally at the back of the house.
This is the view now, the wall was removed and the powder room relocated to the front of the house and a new butler's pantry created.




Before dining room.
After dining room.




New Powder room location at the front of the house.




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